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How Multi-Generational Businesses Can Increase Productivity

How Multi-Generational Businesses Can Increase Productivity
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Many books on business from the early 20th century are considered classics. And some still hold valuable information that is applicable today. But many more are completely outdated. Today, books are being written to show how multi-generational businesses increase workplace productivity.

The problem with leadership

In 1911, Frederick Winslow Taylor wrote a few iconic books on leadership. One of these books, How To Win Friends And Influence People, was published in 1936. These books were written when people worked in slaughterhouses and the majority of people were blue-collar workers. It’s 2018 — And we need updated strategies that fit with the times.  There is a lot that millennials can learn from the baby boomer generation. There is always something to learn from those different from yourself. We can become stronger, more intelligent workers, by incorporating the wisdom older generations have to offer. 

We Need To Listen To Each Other

Millennials and Gen Z can acquire the wisdom from earlier generations without adopting their flaws, and without sacrificing our generations’ identities too. If we can learn from other generations instead of boxing them out, we will create a more harmonious environment in the workplace. 

AJ Khubani is the CEO and founder of Back in the 1980s, he created the “as seen on TV” logo. Khubani now recognizes that millennials do everything differently and if the slogan were to be modified for millennials, it would read: “as seen on the internet.” Adapt or die, as the saying goes.


Millennials are disrupting traditional workplace styles. Every few years there is a new website or app that changes life as we know it. Through organizational leadership and a multi-generational company, the weaknesses of each generation can be fixed by the people who know how to fix them. Older generations need to be more understanding of the younger ones. As for millennials and gen z, listening to older generations doesn’t hurt as much as you’d think, and you’ll definitely learn something.


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