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Entrepreneur Tips: 4 Ways Storytelling Can Get You More Loyal Customers

Some of the most important entrepreneur tips center around utilizing storytelling to shape your narrative and grow your brand.

Humans are generally magnetized by stories. Moreover, people want to share their own experiences as it relates to the story. They want to read what other people have to say. They want to ask questions. They want to say “I’ve been there” to the writer for talking about what they have been experiencing.

People can relate easily with a story and everyone wants to make a personal connection with the people behind their favorite products. Sharing your story, or that of your company, on your blog or on your social media account, can make a huge difference in your marketing campaigns.

Here are four suggestions to use storytelling to attract, retain, and turn your customers to loyalists.

1.) Get a relatable story and make the customer the hero

Having customer demographics and profiles are obviously necessary. First off, you need not just an idea of who your customers are, but what they do, where they live, where they work, how much they earn, and basically all the information you can gather about them.

With this, you understand their way of life, thought processes, and attitudes. Now, you must understand that not all your customers have the same qualities – no two humans do. Hence, these are just guides to the people you are trying to reach – the people who need your solution.


This helps you craft a story around the activities of your ideal customer. In your story, your customer must be your hero. For instance, I remember watching a Fanta ad sometime ago. A group of friends were gathered and it seemed everyone was bored after a long day. That was until a particular couple sauntered in, carrying a cooler of chilled bottles of Fanta. And before you could say “Jack,” the couple became the heroes that saved the day; a party started, and everyone had a great time.

The brains behind the ad knew that everyone wants to be treated like a hero, and that was exactly what the sold. You can do the same while crafting your blog posts.

2.) Your story must be emotional

Humans are emotional beings, connect with them on the emotional plane, and they will come back for the same experience. Emotions will leave a lasting impression on potential new customers the way that facts never will or can. This is where content marketing comes in. Creating an emotional marketing story means creating a story that involves passion, determination, courage, failure and success.

I once read a blog post describing kinds of people that attend parties, and I could relate easily because I had been to parties and seen those sets of people. The advertisers somehow got talking about their product – a soft drink. Someone commented at the end, “I still can’t believe I have just been advertised to.

Will that customer patronize them? Very likely. Will he come back for more? Highly probable. Will he go ahead to tell people about that product? Your guess is as good as mine.

3.) Blend your brand story with success and failures

In other words: Be real. As an entrepreneur, you must have a story behind your brand. This story should be incorporated into your logo and your motto. This story must be so compelling, that it comes to mind wherever your brand is mentioned or seen. It may be a personal brand or a partnership, but it should share a story of failure and success, of progress, of excellence, and of little beginnings.

These are some of the things with which “everyone” can relate. To figure out your narrative, think about what makes you or your firm unique. The more personal your narrative is, the more relatable it becomes, and the more people relate to it, the more clients and contracts you get.

4.) Let your story show how your product solves clients’ problems

There’s no point trying to exaggerate when telling your brand’s story. Being realistic is natural to humans; most people will know when your story is “over the top” and when it is true. When it comes to telling your business story, the quickest way you can lose trust and loyalty with your customers is to exaggerate the claims of your product or service.

With so much competition out there, unless your company has come up with a totally new concept, it’s likely that other companies have a similar product or service.  Hence, telling your story on your blog based on other factors apart from your products’ benefits to customers may not be enough to capture your customers’ attention.

When you focus on the benefits of your product, it helps to separate you from your competition. People will look in your direction when they see that you are able to proffer solution to particular problems/needs.

So whether it is through creative advertising or developing a blog on your site … telling stories will keep your customers coming back for more.


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