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5 Signs That Travel Is BACK: It’s Going to Be Great!

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One of the top missed things in 2020 was travel! Most countries were locking out Americans, and we were locking most travelers out of America. Now, vaccines are being rolled out, travel points have been racked up, and countries are ready to get their economies running again. Travel is officially coming back in summer and fall 2021. Here are the top five signs that you should start making travel plans now before everything gets booked up!

1. Europe wants vaccinated Americans.

The European Union is letting fully vaccinated Americans back in this summer. After over a year of missing non-essential travel dollars, the tourism industry in Europe is coming back. Thanks to the high rate of vaccination in America, we are once again desirable. This is great considering how poorly other nations viewed our handling of the virus in 2020. They haven’t set a date yet, but the U.S. is on track to vaccinate 70% of adults by mid-June. Countries such as Croatia, Greece, Spain and Italy – which rely heavily on summer tourism dollars from Americans – will likely jump at the chance to let vaccinated people back in.

2. Air travel is soaring.

Executives from the biggest U.S. airlines – United, American, Delta and JetBlue – all claimed strong demand for leisure travel seats. The American Airlines CEO even said that the last three weeks had been the best three weeks since the pandemic hit. They can thank spring break, of course, but it also seems as though Americans are getting more comfortable since many have been vaccinated. The TSA reported that over a million people passed through US airport security checkpoints in a day; around the same time last year, only 780,000 people traveled. Airlines are sending out positive messages to employees across the country, letting them know that demand is climbing and jobs could be soon behind. 

3. Rental cars are tapped out.

Rental car companies can’t meet demand! It’s so bad that people are renting U-Haul vans to get around on Hawaiin vacations. Last year, when car rentals plummeted, companies sold off their supply to keep their shirts. Now, people are suddenly getting back out there again – taking much-needed breaks – but there are no cars left to get them around.  Rental car companies completely underestimated how quickly demand would turn around, and now Uber, Lyft and Getaround are picking up the slack.

4. Spending is up in key areas.

No more sweatpants, Netflix and PS5. People are spending on skirts, shaving kits and plane tickets. According to JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, consumers have $2 trillion more in their checking accounts than they did before the pandemic, and they’re ready to spend it. Retailers see a rise in shoe sales, jeans, bathing suits and champagne. People are making plans to look their best again and get back outside!

5. Vegas is bumping.

The tourism capital, Las Vegas, saw its biggest month in eight years this March! In the state of Nevada, casinos raked $1 billion in only a month. Of course, Vegas opened up last June, but people only recently started visiting in full force. Thanks to the return of sports, stimulus checks and vaccines, Vegas is doing better than ever. Plus, the tech convention CES just announced its return to Vegas in May 2022. If the people are back in Vegas, that means we could be seeing them everywhere else soon enough!


The takeaway from all of this is a few things.

  • Vaccines are working.
  • People are ready for a break from their homes.
  • Stimulus checks are boosting the economy.
  • Many lost hospitality jobs could be returning soon.

And you should buy your tickets and book your stays now. Prices will be skyrocketing soon with increased demand. Happy travels!

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