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Apply Now for the CSU Launchpad

Want a leg up on the best career opportunities after graduating? How about the chance to network with leaders in the local community? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to build a portfolio of career-focused work.

If any or all of these things sound like you’re idea of a good time, apply today for the Colorado State Career Launchpad!

You will combine technical skill practice, group discussions, team challenges and creative exercises for an educational experience unlike one you’ve ever had in a classroom. The Career Launchpad offers interactive activities in 21st century skills, from negotiation and networking to basic data analysis and coding.

After each class, you’ll walk away with a concrete piece of work that will contribute to your own career development, culminating in a pitch competition and the chance to win a cash grand prize!

What you’ll do:

  • Build a portfolio of work and a toolbox of techniques in management and soft skills
  • Get an introduction to crucial 21st century hard and soft skills increasingly desired by high-growth, high-tech fields and practice them in real world simulations
  • Become part of a learning network: a peer community made up of students from different programs, experts in the field and local business leaders
  • Practice challenging negotiation and leadership techniques in a supportive environment
  • Gain critical feedback from peers and experts
  • Showcase your personal strengths, perfect pitching your story for different audiences and complete concrete projects
  • Earn a stipend for contributing to our ongoing research and development of the Launchpad series

Skills you’ll learn:

  •      Negotiation tactics
  •      Team management techniques
  •      Understanding financial statements and budgeting
  •      Supporting research with data analysis
  •      Basic front end web development
  •      Showcasing and professionally presenting work

Who should apply?

Launchpad is aimed at motivated college students looking to boost their workplace skills through interactive, challenging and team-based activities. It is open to all undergraduates.

If are willing to step outside of your comfort zone and engage in a revolutionary way of learning, Launchpad is for you.

How do I apply?

Send an email to with your resume and 1-2 paragraphs explaining: 1) why you want to join, and 2) what you hope to gain from the program.



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