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Business Automation = Life Automation

Automate Your Business — And Life
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Robots are going to take your jobs — well, not exactly just yet. It actually may be someone in another country who you’ll never meet and who will work remotely.

With the advent of technology, and the ability to do work remotely, it is possible to complete tasks at times that are more convenient for you. But having someone else complete the boring, menial tasks that are a part of most corporate workloads could allow you to focus on the more important tasks.

Business Automation

Francis Pedraza is the CEO of Invisible Technologies, a company that specializes in remote work. Higher-ups who are too busy to do minor tasks can jump on a video call and delegate this work, which they don’t have time for, to interns and assistants. As long as they are willing to pay them an hourly rate. In return, that work gets sent off to people in a remote location who can do it for them.

“We automate repetitive digital work,” Pedraza said. This concept is not new — robots and automation have already “taken” many jobs that used to be done by people, such as customer service and cashier jobs (do-it-yourself checkout is able to save time and can be found at your local CVS). However, robots are still a faraway concept; But for now, we do have people who can do the work remotely. Paying people in remote countries to do work is a strategy that businesses have used for decades. Oftentimes, It is just more cost-effective to hire foreign workers over Americans.

Invisible Technologies writes down the instructions and facilitates the transfer of time-consuming tasks such as scheduling, organizing contacts, and managing CRN to remote workers. They also can create generation reports on Linkedin, can complete expense reports, process work, and even research topics. Sending work to remote workers is most useful for high-growth companies that need to knock out their menial tasks and don’t have the time to do it themselves.

70 percent of the world makes less than $10 per day. This growing labor network can help foreign workers in remote locations earn more money than they would in their own countries. Invisible Technologies is only one of many companies that offshore work to Kenya, Croatia, Ghana, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, and Peru. To build that global network is exhausting. But the automation process makes things much easier.


Finding solutions to important problems is essential for building, and operating a successful business. Most companies have tasks that they are simply too busy to attend to themselves. It is a problem. But shipping your work off to a “bot” can save companies time and money. Plus it will benefit both parties.


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