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Unfortunately, surprise hospital bills have become as American as apple pie as healthcare becomes increasingly unaffordable. It might sound crazy, but unless you’re unconscious,...


Sky-high taxation is a hot-button issue in America, and we’re reminded of where our hard-earned dollars are going when public employees cash in their...


A recently released study confirms what many sick Americans already are experiencing: health insurance companies are rejecting doctor’s orders to save money and are...


The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has been making headlines this week by digging in and attempting to pass the legislation that they saw blocked...

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We know how it feels to need a little financial recovery. Maybe you should try a no-spend month! #nospendchallenge
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Introducing the all new #boldlife segment!!! Bold In the Know to keep you in the know about today’s news!!! With the amazing @shaysayss 🎊🎉🥳😊

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