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Turn Up The Heat: Let’s Chat With The CEO Of Blaze Pizza

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There are a number of things that bring a smile to people’s faces: puppies, winning lottery tickets and, naturally, pizza. Here in the United States, the pizza industry makes $40 billion annually. So how do you stand out in a sea of pizza makers? Well, Blaze Pizza made its name by creating artisanal personal pizzas, with dough made in-house and topped with all-natural ingredients. There are 350 installations in six countries. One of the people who developed this novel idea is Brad Kent, the co-founder, chef and food scientist. The “pizza whisperer” joined David Grasso on “Follow the Profit” to chat about merging your skills into your business, using the franchise model and excelling in the food industry. Keep reading for a sneak peek at this conversation.

The humble beginnings of Blaze Pizza

Kent was supposed to be what his parents called “the professional.” So he studied business in college. While in school, he started a catering business because he had a passion for food. He eventually earned his degree in food science, but it wasn’t a straight path. The story includes the Department of Defense and a performance bar meant to improve humans’ abilities. To hear it, check out the podcast. Here are a few topics covered by Grasso and Kent.

  • Food science
  • Choosing entrepreneurship over a traditional career
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Using the franchise model
  • The affordability of making pizza
  • Food delivery fees
  • Favorite pizza recommendations

Is it time to jump into the restaurant business?

There are so many restaurants that have failed recently that you could get into a turnkey operation where you’re not even going to spend any money on build-out. So this would be the time to get into the restaurant business.

Brad Kent

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