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Breaking Into Entrepreneurship: An Interview with Pazzo Pazzo’s Michael Sanchez

For many, the cornerstone of the American Dream is to own their own business. But whether it’s because of the overwhelming fear of failure, little exposure to entrepreneurship, or the lack of resources, countless Americans never pursue those dreams.

As technology evolves, aspiring business owners find themselves with access to greater tools, but also the need to constantly adapt and innovate in order to survive.

Rather than limiting themselves to a local market, businesses have the opportunity to reach regional, national, and international economic markets by taking advantage of technology, creating a 24/7 on-demand business.

The interview

Pazzo Pazzo, a popular family-owned business beloved by Temple University students, has been in business since September 2013. We spoke with owner Michael Sanchez, who started the business along with another family member who happens to be a chef. They decided to take a chance and wound up with a successful, thriving family business.

Starting your own business comes with several obstacles. Sanchez, a first time business owner, needed help getting his business off the ground.

“At the beginning, we had to hire someone that had experience being involved in restaurants. He helped us with the layout and everything related to the equipment. Then, when we first opened the store, it was slow until we started to gain customers.”

While running a business is tough, Sanchez’s toughest struggle is out of his control.

“[The toughest part of a running our business] is keeping customers happy so they keep coming back. There are a lot of customers that are really rude with the staff and we have to deal with them because at the end of the day, they are our customers.”

As new technologies emerge, they provide young start-ups with ways to save money, but also increase competition with number of tech savvy minds capable of using the same advancements. Small businesses sometimes struggle to keep up. Thus, Sanchez has taken full advantage of all opportunities to advance their restaurant through technology.

“We do actually take advantage of all of them…like the internet, using our wireless printers, tablets and phones to receive orders online and print them directly inside our store.”

Temple University is full of students looking for part time jobs to survive life in the city. Work study is difficult to come by and many business around are already fully employed with local Philadelphia residents.

Pazzo Pazzo is a diamond in the rough for students. We asked Sanchez what he looks for when hiring employees to keep Pazzo Pazzo at the top of its game.

“I usually look for their attitude, skills, and prior experience or at least know something about working in a pizza place but training is always given. The Temple area is great. Most of our customers are Temple students. The store is always packed with students during the weeknights and the weekends as well.”

Along with Pazzo Pazzo, Sanchez’s family owns a couple other businesses.

We asked what his best advice for students hoping someday to own their own business.

“Just study hard and work even harder and you will see that all of the good work will make your dreams come true.”

Our take

The “American Dream” isn’t necessarily the same for all. But if running your own business is synonymous with this dream, the hardest step is simply starting down that path.

No matter what your business idea, even if it’s something as simple as a pizza parlor, dedication to the goal is the first step to starting your own successful business.


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