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This Fashion Stylist Entrepreneur Talks The Importance Of Building Your Brand

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Know what you want to be. Then look the part.


Entrepreneurs know how important building your brand is. Sharon Haver, fashion stylist and founder of, understands this better than anyone. Her experience dispensing fashion advice to the public and styling for photoshoots couldn’t quite scratch the itch she had to put her business acumen to use. After all, she studied marketing, business and personal development. Her “business brain,” as she puts it, wouldn’t leave her alone.

On starting her own business

Many entrepreneurs say they’re simply going with their gut. Haver concurs. Much of what she talks about has to do with intuition. She says the first part of building your brand and being able to represent and promote your ventures is knowing yourself. If you know what you are, then you know what you have to offer.

The second step, accurately presenting yourself, is the harder part. Haver is used to helping with that. In addition to offering general style advice, she explains how to take great headshots via a program called “Simply Amazing Headshots.” Headshots are a crucial aspect of promoting yourself, so it’s important to have a quality one. A good picture, she says, “looks like you.”


Her niche is to help others with their niches. Your niche, no matter what it is, will be served by having a visual image in sync with whatever you’re offering. This is broad, general advice, but it’s applicable to every situation and will serve budding entrepreneurs well. When you’re in the early stages of networking and promoting, it’s even more important. The self-aware entrepreneur who looks the part will go far.

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