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Here’s How One College Dropout Became a Successful Businessman

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College is one of the greatest hustles in this country.” Yes, that’s a harsh statement. But that’s coming from a college dropout turned co-founder and owner of three successful restaurants in Washington, D.C. Steve Salis is the founder of Salis Holdings, an entrepreneur, an angel investor, and now a guest on Follow the Profit Podcast with David Grasso. Here’s why this businessman with 15 years of experience decided college just wasn’t his path.

The student life isn’t for everyone.

Not everyone has the student mindset. Some people enter college and don’t enjoy the classroom: Salis said he rarely paid attention and cheated most of the time. He didn’t learn how to be an entrepreneur in the classroom; his educator was the real world. Dealing with poor business transactions, rip-offs, and empty bank accounts shaped how he sees the world. And some people learn better that way. He doesn’t think college is completely worthless; he learned some lessons in his two years there. But then he that being a college dropout didn’t make him a failure. It was the starting place for his success.

I think that the modern parent needs to have their eyes wide open and not be so myopic about what it is their children should do. Our job as parents is to give them the best experiences we can possibly give them — instill the little morals, the values. Then, at some point, you’re going to have to say, ‘Now you’re going off to the world.” And you hope that they’re great Samaritans, just like my parents helped that for me. And I like to think I’ve been a little bit more than a good Samaritan to a lot of people.

Steve Salis

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Follow the Profit with David Grasso is a podcast that uses inspirational storytelling to share the top secrets of the modern entrepreneur. High-profile guests give you insight into how they did it. Grasso also shares crucial money and profit hacks that are not typically taught, giving people the know-how to stay relevant in their careers for years to come.

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