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High-Paying Summer Jobs

How’s your summer going? And are you now completely broke from all those months spending your money on booze, take-out Chinese food, and that surprisingly expensive pet lion? (All your friends told you that you shouldn’t buy it. You just had to.) Plus you had to buy the monkey, too, because the lion and monkey were friends. You didn’t have the heart to separate them.

Well, turns out as a result of that reckless behavior you are gonna need a job. Yes, you can still have an awesome summer. But you’ll definitely need — even for the most frugal of activities — a bit of throwing-around money. No, you don’t have to be a street-sweeper or a bank robber. Think more moderately (sheesh, millennials and their extremes). There are definitely some jobs out there that will have you rolling in cash. Or, at least, that will … pay you … some cash. And here a few of the best ones!

Bank teller

Because now you’re the inside man and will know where the vault is *wink, wink; nudge, nudge* No, but seriously, a bank teller is a great summer job and it usually pays out at least minimum wage (usually higher!) Plus handling cash is a total resume booster! Plus plus you will acquire valuable skills such as money management and customer service experience. #adulting


Because you are literally surrounded by drinks, and I’m sure you can sneak away and find a nice, quiet nook. Again, just kidding. The reason why waiting tables or bartending is such a valuable gig to secure during the summer months is because everybody is out having a good time (though you’ll be working *tear). Although wages are low, the sky is kind of the limit where tips are concerned. A sort of meritocracy, you pull in the amount that you work that is commensurate with the level to which you please the customer.


Because, well, you can just tell the kid to go to sleep and binge-watch horror movies. OK, I would promise I’d stop making jokes, but I honestly can’t promise that. What’s truly amazing about child care is that you just have to impress the kid and not some intimidating boss. Because, essentially, impressing the kid is impressing the boss in this instance. You can get paid pretty easily up to $20 an hour. And the summer months are not short on parents in need of childcare.

Ice cream shop

Disclaimer: You might eat way too much ice cream on the job, because, like, who could possibly resist? In addition to the ice cream perks, it is a very low-pressure gig. You’ll probably get to read a book on the job (or whatever you kids do these days *grumble, grumble, grumble*). Tips also will be plentiful, but, just warning you, you might be competing with high schoolers for these jobs. But I’m sure you can just scare them into giving you the job … and their lunch money.

Freelance writer

Good at writing? Or, better yet, in school as an English or creative writing major? Then this is the job for you. Not only can you work remotely and pick your own hours, but you’re doing what you love. You can also make pretty good money, but, the competition for these freelance writing gigs can be stiff.

Last but not least: Hooray for internships!

Now, hear me out. Sometimes these thangs can be unpaid, but it is all about making dem connections. Also, you’ll learn skills. And skills are fun … Right? … Hello?


Even if you practiced poor money-management skills during the school year, you still can catch up, bank-account-wise, by securing a decently paying summer job. If you’re thinking about just saying “forget it,” and lying on your couch all summer, that is a big mistake. And one you will regret come fall semester. When the realization dawns that you can’t afford anymore Chinese food … or to buy that pet zebra … or whatever you’re into.

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