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Make Healthy Meals While On A Millennial Budget

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When grocery shopping on my millennial budget, I always forget about buying healthy fruits and vegetables. I really only remember to buy boxed products. As a vegetarian, this is a problem. But thankfully, there is a food delivery service that delivers fresh fruit and vegetables to your home. Farmbox Direct delivers customized, organic produce right to your door. All of their produce is grown in local communities and on organic farms. Healthy meals are no longer out of reach.

The specifics

Fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive. It’s much easier to save a few dollars and buy frozen veggies, but their nutritional value can decrease tremendously. Frozen vegetables only can maintain their nutrition if they are immediately frozen upon harvest. And while some frozen brands do keep the nutrition of their produce, most do not.

Farmbox Direct works with its local community to ensure quality. They have a weekly menu of produce that changes, so you can be sure to get what’s in season. They also work on your schedule. You can customize your schedule months ahead of time to make sure you will be home to receive and utilize the produce.

Farmbox offers a few different options. They have a range of box sizes going from small to large, as well as the option for only organic produce or an all-natural box. Both styles of produce go from $33 to $58. To make sure this can stay on an ideal millennial budget, it is a good idea to split the cost between roommates, especially if you order one of the larger boxes. It would be enough healthy produce to last everyone for a while.


Eating healthy on a millennial budget does not have to completely break the bank. Meal delivery services are becoming more popular, but Farmbox is unique as they focus on solely produce. The cost of a box can easily be budgeted into a personal payment plan or split up between roommates.

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