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Notes To The Soul Helps Musicians Learn About Marketing

One of the key components to becoming a successful artist, and that much closer to being Beyonce, is marketing. Many artists are not capable of marketing themselves well, and they are unable to handle the business side of the music industry.

Personal branding

Not too long ago, most artists were known for their personas; it was all about personal branding. But social media has turned the game into something of a balancing act. Social media hv]as revolutionized personal branding, but artists have to be extremely careful with what they share on their social media pages because the slightest backlash could end their chances of being the born-again Beyonce.

Despite being incredibly talented, many artists don’t have enough information on marketing to create enough of a following or fan base and recognition in the industry. This usually leads to a struggle in landing gigs, and many artists eventually hit a plateau in their career.

The MusicMakers Workshop

Recognizing a growing issue, the nonprofit organization Notes to the Soul recently kickstarted a workshop to help educate artists on marketing so they can be more prepared to thrive in the industry. The MusicMakers Workshop is a three-day business intensive for those who want to make a living making music. The workshop touches on branding, marketing and monetizing; all key components for becoming a successful artist.


Let’s face it, most of us won’t ever be as famous as Beyonce. But, fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the starving artist lifestyle. A little bit of insight into marketing, branding and monetizing can really be the deciding factor in your success.

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