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Public Relations Tips From Someone Who’s Been Canceled

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Public relations has origins in cave paintings and Egyptian hieroglyphics. But today, we all have an encyclopedia in our pocket. How can you communicate your brand to the public in a relatable way? On the newest episode of Follow the Profit podcast, we hear from Otter PR co-founder Dr. Jay Feldman about the importance of PR and the threat of cancel culture

Accountability vs. cruelty 

Feldman has personal experience with cancel culture. The online medical community responded poorly to a well-intentioned social media post. Feldman believes that cancel culture has its place but hovers dangerously between accountability and cruelty. And searching for ways to recover from cancel culture’s impact in his own life sparked his interest in public relations. 

3 steps of damage control

Feldman says there are three steps of damage control and recovery if you find yourself canceled. 

  1. Acknowledgment. “Say, ‘Yes, I did this. I’m a human; I made a mistake.’” 
  2. Apology. “You have to post a public apology, and you need to be sincere about it.” 
  3. Action. “What are you going to do going forward to either change your behavior, change yourself as a person or use this as a spark to benefit humanity?” 

Everyone has a brand 

PR applies to everyone, not just businesses. “Your brand is what people are going to connect with,” Feldman said. “Pick something that you’re passionate about. If you’re not going to be authentic, it’s not going to last.” 

For a business, it’s important that any PR reflects and represents the diversity of the clients. According to Feldman, diversity is good for business. It gives a “unique business edge” and helps generate ideas. 

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