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Should Kids Have Smartphones? These Are The Pros And Cons

Some Millennials are entering the confusing world of parenting, which brings up more questions than answers. In education, discipline, social life and more, parents have to figure out where they stand. And technology keeps making things more complicated. At what age should kids have their own smartphones? Maybe you had a Motorola Razr back in the day, but phones have advanced a tad more than calling your mom or texting with T9. So Bold TV brought in the moms to Millennial Minute. Here are the pros and cons of giving kids phones according to the founder of Denise Albert and Turning Point USA spokesperson Erin Elmore.

Elmore’s son is 7 years old, and she’s staying strong against phones for as long as she can. Here’s why:

  1. Kids shouldn’t grow up too fast. Smartphones have capabilities most of us probably don’t even know about. Elmore wants to keep her son a kid for as long as possible.
  2. The art of conversation is dying. Kids go into a trance when they’re on phones and tablets. Elmore says we are losing the art of conversation with eye contact. She says bring back family dinners without screens.
  3. A lot of kids don’t use phones for educational or positive purposes. Some parents may think their kid will use a phone only for Duolingo or TED Talks, but that’s not always the case. Parents have to constantly monitor their kids’ activity.

Albert’s kids have smartphones, and she believes she made the right decision. Here’s her take:

  1. It’s hard to hold your ground. Once all the other parents buy phones for their children, it’s hard for your kid to be the odd one out.
  2. Kids can navigate the big city by themselves. The navigational tools on phones give Albert peace of mind when her kids are out alone.
  3. What if they actually use educational tools? Albert monitors her kids’ phone history. They actually use informational apps and learn about current events around the world.

Think about what age you got your first phone. What choice will you make for your children? Or should we just bring back the classic indestructible flip phone that only calls Mom?

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