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The Beauty Of Finding Love Online

The Beauty Of Finding Love Online
Find love this Valentine's Day with these online apps

Grant, tell us about eharmony

“We’ve always been about the same thing, which is matching people for long-term relationships, and hopefully giving them something they can’t find on their own, which is a scientific way to meet somebody who is more compatible for them,” said dating expert Grant Langston.

Susan, how did you come up with Exclusive Matchmaking?

“Actually, I have a background in investigations, and one time I found this little old lady her long lost love from 50 years before, and I re-connected them that night,” said dating expert Susan Tombetti. “So I started thinking about what did I want to do in life. And I came up with Exclusive Matchmaking. It is a very personalized service for upscale singles.”

How do you all stay relevant in this world of dating apps?

Grant: “Well was about five years before we were. And yes, there has been a multitude of services that have entered the market. I think the key for [eharmony] is that we are about making people right for each other for the long-term. And that is not what any of our competitors are all that interested in. It is the difference between casual dating and long-term relationships.”

Grant, did you meet your wife on eharmony?

Grant: “Well, not on eharmony, but through eharmony. Someone that worked at the company introduced us kind of the old-fashioned way. But if not for eharmony, we wouldn’t be together”

Jeannie, what advice do you offer people searching for love?

Jeannie Assimos: “I would say, know what you’re looking for, be very honest in your search. Put time and energy into your dating profile if you’re dating online. Don’t just throw up any photo and write ‘I like long walks on the beach.’ It’s an online marketplace so you want to stand out, you want to be specific, you want to put your best foot forward. This is your first impression. So those are the types of advice we offer. It’s a great tool to meet people you would never meet otherwise. It is a matter of practice. Connect online and meet in person as fast as you can. Because a lot of times we see people just text back and forth and it kind of fizzles. I think it is better to meet face-to-face sooner than later. That’s a huge [piece of advice.]

Grant: “Texting is terrible for dating, period. It allows people to be shifty.”

Susan, how do you find your clients and help them connect?

Susan: “It is a referral-based business. A lot of people don’t have the time for online dating. For me, a lot of my clients don’t have the time, and I personally recruit for them. I also find that a lot of people have met the one many times over but they are very rigid in their beliefs. So, I want you to be open. You don’t know within five seconds whether you have chemistry. Chemistry is a slow burn. What you feel immediately is lust. That’s pretty much it. We recruit from very high-end circles that a lot of people don’t have access to. We also do date-coaching, for a lot of people who can’t afford matchmaking. And we refer them to eharmony and help them with their online profiles and connections ”  

Do memberships spike up around Valentine’s Day?

Grant: “The day after Christmas is when our business goes nuts because people go home with their families and see their parents and their grandmother is like ‘what’s a matter with you?’ And then you got New Year’s resolutions. And then you’ve got Valentine’s Day.”

Susan, how about you?

Susan: “It’s like Grant said. The phones start ringing the day after Christmas. But I gotta say you can find love on Valentine’s Day. I don’t think that he knew that it was Valentine’s Day, but I found long-lasting love on Valentine’s Day.”

“Do you have advice for a person seeking love?”

Jeannie: “I would say patience. Don’t expect to have it happen overnight. It takes time. Get online and just start the process. Be patient, be honest and just let it happen.

Grant: “Your ‘type’ is your enemy. Whatever you think your type is, that was put in your brain by something you don’t even know. Set it aside. Go out with people that are not your type because you honestly don’t know who is going to be right for you.”

Susan: “Your type is usually the guy that mistreated you. The person in your life who you were on a rollercoaster with as a child is usually the relationship that you seek out. I’m not a rocket scientist or a therapist, but that is really what happens. So when it comes to putting yourself out there, here’s what you do. Be open, fun, flirty, and get out there. Get yourself online as much as possible and go for it. Flirt with your neighbor, flirt with anybody and everybody.”


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