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The Chicken and The Brat: How to Drown out the Negative Voices.

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Have you ever heard of the battle between your chicken and your brat? It’s the idea that there are two reasons why you won’t do something you should do. The chicken is your voice of fear, fight, flight or freeze. Your brat is the voice of resistance, defiance, and laziness. Chrisa Zindros Boyce, the chief strategy officer for the Handel Group, joined Follow the Profit podcast to share the psychology behind these ideas and how to quiet those negative voices.

Quiet the negative voices.

Boyce said your chicken and your brat are always present. And they’ll keep you from achieving your goals or trying new things. She said to remember the voices are just voices. They will always tell you the reasons why you can’t do something. Talk back and think of the reasons you can do it. What is the voice that always holds you back? Is it the chicken or the brat? 

The chicken

On the overwhelmed side, the chicken comes first. You have a lot of responsibilities; you don’t want to ask for help. You don’t want to put boundaries in place, and you don’t want to push back; then, it all falls on you. And you refuse to ask for help. So, in time, these are the things we deal with people quite frequently. When I’m procrastinating, what I’m really doing is wasting a bunch of time and suffering multiple times throughout my day.

Chrisa Zindros Boyce

The brat

The thing about the brat is that it just prolongs our greatness … So, it feels sometimes when we put it in the context of space and time, we’re gonna run out of it. We do want to get things done by the time we’re 40 or 50, or married or whatever. So, if I can put it in that space and time, it sort of hashes the voice of the brat and put some fire under people’s butts to move.

Chrisa Zindros Boyce

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