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These Are the Best Travel Jobs to Help Fuel Your Wanderlust

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Careers can be very fulfilling, and so can traveling. But the two are usually not fulfilling together. Most of the time our careers keep us screwed down to our desk chair. Or, at the very least, to the city or town in which we live. Having said that, this is not the case for all positions, and some travel jobs will have you hopping on and off planes faster than you can say “plane-hopping.” Travel in a pandemic isn’t normal, and the world is still figuring out how it wants to re-open. If anything, the lockdown got us thinking about our dream lifestyle. Here are a few careers to look into so you’ll be ready when travel is booming once again!

Event Photographer

This may not be the case with your typical wedding photographer (absent the seven-hour drive to Minnesota to receive $16 an hour). But it is very often the case — at least with high-end photography — that you will be in London one minute and Portugal the next. Think about the Vogue photographers and all of the exotic locations that they go to for various collections.

Is photography not your thing? No worries because it isn’t our only option here. Magazine such as National Geographic and Sports Illustrated also pack a travel punch for their staff, especially for their chief photographer. After all, the games won’t be held in your basement (This guarantees at least intra-national travel.), and I’m willing to bet that you don’t have many jaguars, elephants or monkeys running around your neighborhood.

Do you hate sports and animals (and especially animals playing sports)? Then you might be interested in high-end wedding photography. Remember that whole bit about driving to Minnesota for $16 an hour? Yeah. Well, that goes out the window when your clients are well endowed. We are talking more about $90 to $125 an hour on average (not your take-home, but it is how much you would bill). Think about all the fantastic locations fancy weddings are held at! You might even get to go on a yacht if you’re lucky! *fingers crossed*

Airline employee

Go figure. Working for an airliner — in the capacity of a flight attendant, airline pilot or perhaps even an administrator — will help your travel job dreams come true. Yes, you’ll be working, but there are layovers. As well as stops in-between and all kinds of things that will give you an excuse to get off the plane take off your little attendant pin and take a jaunt around “town.” Ooh, or maybe a jaunt around the Amazon! I’d bring a guide, though.

Seriously though, as an airline employee, you will not only be working with the airline but also will likely receive job-specific perks such as flying standby on certain flights and oftentimes even entirely free flights for you and your whole family! It is not unheard of to travel to new locations every week with a job of this nature.

Performing Artist

I know what you’re thinking. The small-time comedian grinding out a career in various local nightclubs isn’t exactly what comes to mind when you think of the lavish lifestyle. But, hear me out, these performers — and, by the way, this can include people like musicians and actors too — often find themselves traveling all over the country, or even the world, to scout new audiences and try out new material. (Yes, this is true for a world sans-COVID, but let’s hope for normalcy, yes?) While it may not be do-able when you are first starting out, it is certainly an attainable goal once you’ve gotten some traction in the industry. Think about it!

Wilderness guide

A guide may be tied to a single park or area, but oftentimes they will be flown out to other locations where their unique skill sets are equally applicable. This travel job involves navigating wooded areas, attending to wounds and blisters, making fires and other outdoor know-how — all the while making the adventure fun and exciting for his or her participants. I think it goes without saying: Must love the outdoors.

Travel nanny

An “Au Pair” if you’re fancy. This niche travel job may involve working for a family full-time. But nannies can also be hired as freelancers too. When taking care of families’ children that are on the go or on vacation, you get to tag along too! Although, you will have to take care of children. But that can be fun, right!? Check out Adventure Nannies, and Household Staffing International if you’re interested! But remember, this position often comes with long hours, demand for flexible weekends and the availability for holiday work, as well. 

Travel writer

Do you like to travel and write? Then this job might be for you. Available in both the freelance and full-time arenas, travel writers galavant both the country and the globe. Plus they get to write off their travel expenses when it comes to tax time. In exchange for this privilege, make sure you can write engaging and enticing accounts of the places you visit, the things you eat, and the activities you participate in. Because that’s the gig! Travel-writing is a highly competitive job. Full-time positions are few and far between. Having said that, it is not impossible to get ahead by starting out with freelance work and, oh yeah, by being an excellent writer! Obviously, the work tends to be remote work so that’s a plus. Check on Indeed and Upwork for gigs currently being offered!


Have an itch to travel? Get antsy in your apartment? Did the lockdown give you time to re-evaluate? Maybe it is time for a change of career. Consider one of the many positions that allow you to travel around the country or the globe. And get paid for the pleasure, too! But, before you quit your job, make sure you have the qualifications necessary for the positions. So, don’t sign on as a travel photographer if you can’t take a photograph, and don’t become an au pair if you cannot stand the sight of kids.

Check out these travel safety tips for when you’re ready to jet!

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