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Think Before You Post On Spring Break

"spring break" written in sand on beach
Should what happens on Spring Break stay there?

Spring Break season is coming up! Students on break from college will be flocking to the nearest warm beach or party town. Wanting a break is justifiable — college students in the U.S. are some of the most stressed-out individuals these days. That doesn’t mean Spring Break should be treated as an opportunity to act outrageously or irresponsibly though. Responsible social media behavior still has to be followed, as posts that show explicit party behavior can hinder your possible job opportunities. Do yourself a favor, and post responsibly.

Responsible social media sharing

While on vacation, it can be really tempting to post crazy and wild photos to Instagram or Facebook. However, 70 percent of employers are looking at your public social media profiles to decide if you deserve the job. Monitoring what you post is important, especially when partaking in Spring Break activities. Photos of Jell-O shots, wet T-shirt contests and beer pong are probably not the best for your professional image. Keep content PG if your account is public. Also remember that with many social media platforms, you can monitor who sees your posts. One option is to make your account private and select who can view your page.

When it comes to social media, it’s easy to forget that anyone can see your posts, not just your followers. It is hard to keep track of where your images and tweets go, as well as who has access to them. Monitoring these details is important, especially when you are looking to enter the professional world. So hold off on your most insane Spring Break photos.

Social media is part of the hiring process

Since millennials have grown up alongside the evolution of technology, most of us participate in some form of social media. This online presence has changed the hiring process. Hiring managers are checking profiles to aid in their decision-making process — 54 percent of employers surveyed in a study said they found things on candidate’s profiles that caused them to not be hired. The reasons varied from inappropriate photographs, information about drinking or using drugs or even lying about credentials. Posting insane party photos on Spring Break is not a good first impression.

Once hired, employers also tend to keep tabs. Posting that you hate your boss, job or other remarks will come back to get you. The disconnect that comes with typing online is that you do not see everyone who reads it, and thus have no true conception of who sees what. A study looked at 2,300 hiring managers and found that 51 percent of them still check up on their workers’ profiles. That’s something to keep in mind when you hit the beach this spring.


Do not let irresponsible photos and tweets harm your chances of landing a job post-graduation, especially while on Spring Break, which tends to tempt many students into poor decisions and reckless behavior. Just one bad photo of too many drinks can compromise a job for you, and cause employers to perceive you as a less desirable candidate. Spring Break is a great time to relax and blow off some steam, but keep in mind what you are posting to social media.

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