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This Book Will Help You Understand Cryptocurrency

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The ever-unpredictable, complicated cryptocurrency market continues to fascinate many people. It’s proven particularly beneficial to some investors, many of whom are Millennials, as they’ve reaped massive profits due to early adoption. This younger generation is uniquely positioned to understand this new form of money, and many want to use it to change the world’s economies. But what if you don’t understand how cryptocurrency works? This book could be the digital asset resource for you.

“Cryptoassets: The Innovative Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond”

Even for the tech-savvy younger crowd, the stuff can seem impenetrably dense. Fortunately, Chris Burniske, the co-founder of Placeholder Ventures and the co-author of the book “Cryptoassets,” has a vast knowledge on the topic. In a discussion on Bold Business, he offered some explanations for the basics of how cryptocurrency works and why it’s a disruptive industry with the potential to revolutionize how money is used.

Regarding the latter, Burniske believes cryptocurrency’s ultimate goal is “decentralizing data, wealth and power.” He acknowledges that the road is going to be bumpy. But crypto, he says, needs a userbase that understands how the technology works. That’s one of the principal reasons he and co-author Jack Tatar wrote the book.

As a lot of information relevant to cryptocurrency is, in his words, “fragmented” across multiple websites, the pair decided a more comprehensive guide was needed. Anyone who’s attempted to research even the basics of cryptocurrency can attest to this. This scattered nature seems to reflect the ethos of these decentralized networks themselves, but perhaps that’s a story for another time.


Is it a smart idea to invest in these assets? Burniske isn’t out to give investment advice, but he does want to educate potential investors. There’s certainly something to be said for investment opportunities that so strongly attract young Millennials like him. Perhaps this is a space for Millennials to have a shot at wealth that the older generations just don’t get. Time will tell. Until then, it’s up to us to know the basics of crypto!

For more resources to help you understand cryptocurrency, keep up with Bold TV!

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