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Tips on How You Can Succeed as a Freelance Graphic Designer

Becoming a freelance graphic designer is a fantastic way to make money as your career or side hustle. Here are some tips to help you succeed when freelancing.

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Graphic design is a fast-growing field that is constantly evolving with new and potential careers. Even if your only visual design experience is dabbling in designing posters for your friends or drawing animations on your computer in your spare time, you should consider becoming a freelance graphic designer.

Doing freelance graphic design allows you to work on your schedule and build up your skills and portfolio. You can make it your career, but freelancing is also a great side hustle to make extra money. Here are some different ways to succeed as a freelance graphic designer.

Expand your skillset.

If you are new to graphic designing, it’s easier than ever to learn the ins and outs on your own time. Find online courses and videos that teach you how to use the different software and fundamentals you will need. If you’ve already got some experience as a graphic designer, make yourself more marketable by adding new skill sets such as motion graphics tools that can make you stand out to prospective clients. The more comfortable you become with using a broad range of tools, the more efficient and hirable you will become.

Use your portfolio efficiently.

Making a portfolio that can impress potential clients is easier than it seems. Just having a one or two-page portfolio highlighting your best work will be enough to dazzle clients. You don’t have to worry about spending a long time building up your portfolio, which is very helpful to keep in mind when dealing with initial anxiety about freelancing.

Once you’ve decided on a handful of designs you want to represent yourself and your talents, spend a little extra time making them stand out by adding some motion or other animation elements. The goal should be to make yourself stand out amongst the crowd as quickly as possible.

Add a personal touch with your clients.

Early on, your biggest marketing factor will be through word-of-mouth advertising. Give special attention to your initial clients: Deliver them an outstanding product, and develop a working relationship with them. Keeping clients in the loop, getting feedback from them at different points, and sending them a thank you card can leave a lasting impression.

Make yourself as accessible as possible by creating a website, and add multiple ways for clients to contact you. The more effort you put into these early designs, the more likely your clients will hire you for repeat business and let others know about you.

You’ve got this.

The more work you put in at the onset of deciding to freelance, the more likely you will find success and grow your business. Offer your services to friends and family, whomever you know already, that could use graphic design work to get your work out there. There are a few diverse ways to succeed as a freelance graphic designer, as long as you have the drive and determination to make it work.

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