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Troubleshooting Issues With the Health Care System

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Did you know the health care sector is the largest employer in the U.S.? And the U.S. spends double the amount on health care than other countries do. Yeah, it’s a massive industry. David Grasso of Follow the Profit said, “People always talk about the military-industrial complex, but they never talk about the biggest complex you’ve never talked about, which is the health care complex.” Steve Presser is the president & COO of a 58-year-old start-up: BeniComp Health Solutions. He joined Grasso on the podcast to discuss the health care system and how it could be improved.

Problems with the health care system

We’ve all experienced issues in the U.S. health care system. So, what do people on the other side think? “There are a couple of things that I think we don’t do very well in the United States,” Presser said. First, bills are too expensive. 79 million Americans have problems with medical bills or debt. People are opposed to visiting the doctor because of the cost, so their health problems get out of hand. Second, transparency is lacking. How many times have you encountered a surprise bill after an emergency? Third, many people aren’t informed. They don’t know the best place to go for a health crisis.

Focusing on prevention

How is BeniComp Health Solutions changing the game? One thing that makes them stand out is their annual health screening. They receive blood data and find underlying health risks, catching them in the early stages. For example, Presser said they could tell when someone is pre-diabetic and could avoid the medical cost of diabetes with diet and exercise. “Rather than focus on cost, we focus on cause and prevention,” he said.

What do you think about this system? The health care industry as a whole? Let us know in the comments.

If you had healthy people, then you wouldn’t have a whole lot of health problems. So, I think at the root of it, where we’ve gone wrong is we built an entire system around [waiting] until people are sick. And we’ve lost focus on looking at health preventively and making sure that we have healthy people in society.

Steve Presser, President & COO, BeniComp Health Solutions

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