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Volunteering to Positively Shape Your Career

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Millennials are volunteering at an increasing rate, and there’s never been more opportunity to get involved.

Although you shouldn’t need a reason to help others, you must find personal value in volunteering in order to make it a priority.

For example, during the mission trips I took to North Carolina, Mexico and New York, I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself and to experience a different part of the country and world. Since we didn’t always get to connect directly with the people that our work would ultimately benefit, there had to be a greater incentive than just the hope that our work would improve the lives of others.

Why it’s Worth Getting Involved

If you’re looking for a life changing experience that will also supplement your resume, volunteering is the way to go. Helping others can prepare you for your future career both through networking opportunities and skill building. Above all, it will give you the opportunity to see life from a different perspective—an experience you won’t forget.

“Volunteering has really grown me as a professional and as someone who’s tried to make a career in public service,” says Fagan Harris, CEO of Baltimore Corps and speaker at MCON 2015 (Millennial Conference). Harris, a successful social entrepreneur and Rhodes Scholar, is the perfect example of someone who ended up personally benefitting from selflessly helping others. “I’ve built a lot of deep and meaningful relationships.”

According to Harris, it’s these very relationships that serve as the catalyst for positive change. Fortunately, millennials in particular are deeply passionate about giving back and building those positive relationships. “[Unique generosity] is something that positions this generation to make a huge contribution to the country and its future,” explains Harris.

Fagan urges fellow millennials to “get out there and make a commitment to making a difference, and make that a part of your life.”

Social Change on Display at MCON 2015

Fagan Harris is just one of the many social entrepreneurs taking the stage at the 2015 MCON in Chicago, Illinois later this month.

When asked why he chose to take time out of his busy schedule to speak at the upcoming event, Fagan didn’t try to hide his excitement: “[MCON is an] inspiring occasion to come together with peers, mentors and folks you respect.” Fagan also emphasized the importance of taking breaks from the daily grind in order to clear your head and open your mind to different viewpoints—a key benefit of volunteering.

Do you want to volunteer and start creating positive change? Fagan recommends checking out Baltimore Corps and Echoing Green, an organization that “provides a springboard for realizing your contribution to solving the world’s biggest problems.”

Learn from entrepreneurs and leaders like Fagan Harris at MCON 2015 this coming June 24 and 25 at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. Join the GenFKD team and me at MCON by registering here.

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