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Cunningham Collective Helps Businesses Brand Effectively

Influencer taking picture with friends, Cunningham Collective makes use of influencers in their marketing strategy.
Cunningham Collective positions brands effectively

Knowing how to properly market your company is an ongoing process. To stand out from other companies, businesses have to be able to communicate effectively to get their message and services out there. Having poor messaging can be detrimental to your business and affect its health. Businesses can benefit from having a solid marketing strategy to be able to communicate effectively with its customers.

Cunningham Collective

Cunningham Collective is a marketing consulting firm that provides companies with services in positioning, branding, and communications. It’s able to build brands by using a strategy that will help businesses grow. Cunningham Collective assists in launching companies, products or movement.

The firm was started by Andy Cunningham, a marketing and communications entrepreneur heavily involved in Silicon Valley. She helped launch the Apple Macintosh in 1984. During her time in Silicon Valley, she became so well-known her business card simply said “Andy.” Steve Jobs fired her five times during the time she worked for him.

Cunningham Collective cultivates an image for a client that’s able to stand out among its many competitors. Using publicity and influencers, it shows an image that is based on integrity and legitimacy to connect with the message that the company is striving to portray.

Takeaway: Good branding helps companies stand out

Branding is everything for today’s businesses. Once the branding of a company is tarnished, it’s hard for them to get it back. In order to make sure that companies are putting forth their own narrative, they need to be able to communicate with their clients directly. Cunningham Collective pushes businesses to use strategic marketing to create their own narrative. Companies can best use their branding to stand out from their competitors.

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