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Here Are Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Internet

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Glitchy Tik Toks, emails that won’t send, stubborn streaming — lagging networks are inconvenient for several work and entertainment-related reasons. Many folks hesitate to seek a technical solution assuming that it’ll get pricey. However, achieving a greater connection doesn’t have to break the bank or involve a tech whiz. Read on to explore different easy ways to speed up your internet.

Check Your Data Cap

Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, often fail to mention one of the most common causes for slow internet—a data cap. A data cap puts a limit on the amount of data your network can consume per month. Once your account reaches the limit, your ISP will limit your connection.

If you find your internet frustrations occurring toward the end of the month, they’re likely due to your network’s data cap. You can check for the ISP’s data cap on your monthly bill. If you’re constantly surpassing the data cap each month, talk with your service provider about upgrading to a higher limit to avoid accumulating fees and secure a speedier internet.

Reset and Reposition Your Router

Your router serves connection requests for several high-demand devices. You’re likely to notice that it’s strained through faulty internet speed or connection. Sometimes all your router needs to restore its proficiency is a reset.

Should your home or office also utilize a modem, reset that as well. A refreshed modem stimulates connection to your ISP, critical for efficient network rates. If you continue to experience interrupted connection, you may benefit from repositioning your router. Place it in a spot that experiences a lot of device traffic so the Wi-Fi signal can reach them without a struggle.

Transition To a Wired Network

The benefits of a wired network often get overlooked by the convenience of Wi-Fi. Wireless connection isn’t always the most reliable, making the idea of connection with a few cables more enticing.

With wired networks, the internet signal goes undisturbed and transfers directly to the intended device. Wired networks provide greater security, connection and reduced interference. Plan on upgrading your home or office with a few Ethernet cords for optimal internet speed? Be sure to avoid the common mistakes made when running network cables.

Install an Ad Blocker

Online ads are irritating as is, but did you know they can disrupt your network connection, too? Ads not only make website navigation more difficult for the end-user, but they also slow down the internet. Make your life easier and your connection faster and stronger by installing an ad-blocker plugin.

Clear Your Cache

Topping off our list of easy ways to speed up your internet is simply clearing your cache. A cache is the tiny bits of information that your browser accumulates from each site you visit. As your cache builds, your connection suffers.

Revitalize your device’s speed by clearing the compiled bits of data from your browser. You can opt to do this manually or install a “clear cache” plugin that rids the data collection in one click.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Eli Richardson

    July 6, 2021 at 2:24 pm

    It really helped when you talked about internet services and how to get a better one. Recently, my wife and I started to work from home again, and we realized how our internet connection lacks speed. We need internet for our work, so we’ll be sure to check your tips out. Thanks for the advice on how to inspect our internet connection efficiency.

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