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How To Become A Better Bargain Hunter

It is a fact that we all could stand to be a little bit smarter about our shopping habits. Sometimes, it really does seem that it is just easier to buy the closest thing at-hand, right? But, although that might be the case, it is also very true that finding a bargain can be quite exhilarating. So, without further adieu, here are some of the very best ways to find that bargain, and save some cash.

Try to search older ads

Did you know that your bargaining power increases as an ad matures? This means more of an opportunity to save money because the seller is far more likely to lower their asking price.

Give expanding your search nationally a shot

Because if you are saving on the purchase, the bargain price will allow you to still save most likely (this is true despite the courier cost that you will incur in order for the purchase to get to you).

Always, always negotiate

If you have a different price in mind, try negotiating with the seller. Eight times out of 10, they will be willing to lower their asking price for you. This is true even if the ad is brand new.  

Know where online bargains are hidden

You can find sites that showcase live ads within a specific category and weigh the average bargain price versus what it will cost brand-new.

Sign up for alerts

Sign up for alerts that contain the latest ads in your purchasing category. You even can receive them daily via email.

Get in contact immediately  

That is, when you spot a good ad, as some categories are busier than others. For example, laptops are usually the fastest sellers on bargaining sites. However, always shop around to make sure that you are getting the best offer from the very best seller.

Trade safely

Always be on the lookout for fraudsters. If you’re going to meet a potential seller, it might not be a bad idea to take a friend or family member with you and meet in a public place or use a third-party escrow service to remove all the risk.

Narrow down your search

To save time, make sure that you fill in all the boxes within the “search” option in terms of price and category.


Sales are always out there for people who are willing to look harder for them than most. Although it may take more time than if you were to shop brand-new, the savings will make the time worth it for you, I guarantee it. If you follow a few or even all of these tips, it will be a sure way to get what you are looking for. And get it at a bargain, at that!

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