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How To Make Money While You Sleep

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Most people in the world work to sustain themselves and their families but still find themselves in dire financial situations. Luckily, there are many ways to generate passive income in order to make money without directly working for it.

Savings accounts

Investing your money in high-yield savings accounts can generate a high percentage of return. Online banks are known for having higher interest rates than physical brick-and-mortar locations. While previously lacking in competitive interest rates compared to a certificate of deposit, online banks have gone on to develop a respectable status over time.

Index funds allow you to invest in the general market without having to choose a particular investment. If your index fund is in the S&P 500, for instance, you are within the general market.

E*Trade is a great resource for a beginner interested in index funds.

Another easy option is maximizing your cash-back rewards and points. Cash-back rewards are crucial for getting more bang for your buck and are employed by many banks to increase their user bases. The Chase Freedom card offers 1 percent cash back on every dollar you spend and has many bonus categories, including gas and transportation.

Many credit cards also offer travel points that can be used to get free flights on airplanes. Another way to do this is even without credit cards; airline loyalty goes a long distance in stacking up points for free travel. Delta Skymiles was recently named number two in a list of best airlines rewards points. If you are planning a large travel trip, keep in mind all of the rewards you could be getting.

Other ventures

Passive income can be made without the use of a credit card, rewards points or cash-back incentives. Use social media to your advantage and be an influencer, which is a person who gets paid to promote products.

Even those without a large following can market niche clothing brands, makeup lines or other sponsorships. This can be maximized to generate income from simply posting on social media, which is something we all do anyway.

Put your creative talents to work and sell your photography. You don’t have to be Annie Leibovitz to sell your photographs — many people love doing photoshoots, and even the most amateur photographer can make a few hundred dollars per shoot.

After you get enough samples, build a portfolio and a website to display your work. Make sure your SEO terms are right, and soon people will come to you from searching on Google.

Also consider being a freelance graphic designer. Freelancers make most money when they tap into niches that most people cannot fill. Graphic designers are often hired by companies ranging from fashion to marketing and everything in between, and can make $30 to $40 dollars an hour for their services.


There are many ways to make passive income without working. You don’t always have to be afraid of the amount of money you have in your bank account. Cashing in on your learned skills, selling creative ideas, promoting your favorite brands — these are things the average person does anyway, even without realizing it. You might as well be getting paid for it.

Aside from that, maximizing your cash-back rewards and multiple point systems offered at banks can reward you for not doing anything. Lastly, consider high-interest savings accounts to save for a rainy day. If your pocketbook is suffering, it doesn’t have to be — understand that there are many ways to give it some breathing room.

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