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Wise Words From an Investing Expert

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How many differing opinions on the stock market have you heard in the last few weeks? There are many voices talking about the situation with Reddit, GameStop and brokerage apps such as Robinhood. But this event may encourage people to learn more about the investing world, how it works and how things can go so wrong. On this episode of Follow the Profit, David Grasso sat down with an entrepreneur in the crazy world of investing: Dan Pipitone, the co-founder of TradeZero America. This company provides real-time trading technology with commission-free pricing of the U.S. equity and options exchanges. 

The real reason behind Robinhood’s actions

TradeZero America is one of the few brokerage platforms that didn’t restrict the trade of GameStop stock, but Pipitone has insight and understanding into why Robinhood made that tough decision. He said that the company wasn’t malicious, just ill-prepared. For more information, check out the podcast. Here are a few more topics discussed:

  • History of Wall Street and the stock market
  • What is a broker?
  • What does commission-free mean?
  • The real story behind brokerage apps locking people out of trades
  • What are stop losses?
  • The importance of percentage gains
  • Should you have a financial advisor?
  • Why people are leaving New York

Look, [about] these little retail Reddit investors – It’s so refreshing to hear stories of people who started with $500 and made a couple hundred grand. That did happen. The story of the little guy being in the driver’s seat … I think it made the market more approachable. It made the little guy believe that ‘I can make money too.’

Dan Pipitone

Follow the Profit with David Grasso is a brand new podcast that uses inspirational storytelling to share the top secrets of the modern entrepreneur. High-profile guests give you insight into how they did it. Grasso also shares crucial money and profit hacks that are not typically taught, giving people the know-how to stay relevant in their careers for years to come.

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